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Our Process

While McNair & Company offers a comprehensive array of insurance-based services, strategies and tools for addressing the complex requirements of wealth preservation – how we help you use them is what sets us apart from other advisors in the field.


Making the Most of Your Insurance Portfolio

Few people are aware that the life, disability, and long term care insurance policies they purchased as recently as five years ago might be unnecessarily costly or lacking critical new benefits due to the availability of a new generation of insurance products.

When you purchased your policies, you may have made certain assumptions about policy charges, interest rates, planned premiums, and other issues. But life is constantly changing. The original reason for your purchase may still exists, yet your needs may have changed, requiring more or less coverage. That's why it's important to regularly review all of your personal and business insurance coverages.

A Versatile Multi-Purpose Planning Tool

Two important aspects of financial planning involve managing risk and transferring wealth to the next generation. In many instances, the tax advantages of life insurance make it a preferred vehicle for purposes such as:

• Providing income replacement for your family and business

• Passing family and business wealth to future generations

• Providing supplemental tax-free income for retirement

• Funding business strategies such as buy-sell

agreements and deferred compensation programs

• Charitable Giving

Optimizing Your Investment Insurance

Whether you are evaluating existing coverage or are seeking new insurance, McNair & Company uses several proprietary processes to:

• Help identify the type of policy that fits your current needs (Life Assurance 360)

• Help you obtain favorable policy pricing (Underwriting Advocacy); and


• Provide ongoing policy management to help connect your expectations of promised policy benefits with actual results (The Policy Management Company).

With a clear view of your destination, the Life Assurance 360™ process will effectively enable you to architect your legacy plan by helping:

• Bring order to and solidify your legacy and succession plans
• Manage risk to your family, your business, your estate, and institutions you identify
• Eliminate or substantially reduce excise, gift, estate, and generation-skipping taxes
• Protect your wealth and income from creditors
• Create an insurance policy statement to align with your critical objectives
• Insure the value of your business interests
• Recruit, retain, and reward select employees and highly-paid executives


Protecting Your Wealth

Whether you are evaluating existing coverage or seeking new insurance, McNair & Company uses a unique five-step process called Life Assurance 360™ to make certain that your policy fits your current needs and continues to serve its intended purpose for the duration of the policy.

By taking a comprehensive, 360° approach to designing, implementing and managing life insurance, we believe that the outcome produced for our clients is better than when each of these steps is addressed in isolation...that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.


Valmark Concierge Services simplifies the life insurance application process by providing a confidential and highly personalized service to help coordinate the client’s application paperwork and necessary medical requirements. These services are offered exclusively to the clients of Valmark Member Offices and their allied professionals.


These private insurance services are made possible by:

  • Unique methodology and technology

  • A dedicated team of experienced insurance operations specialists

  • Strong relationships with the industry’s leading insurance carriers

  • Over 50 years of experience providing private, sophisticated services to valued clients of Valmark insurance professionals.


A Proactive Approach to Obtaining Favorable Underwriting Offers and Policy

What many people don't realize is that one of the greatest impacts on the price of a life insurance policy is the professional management of the medical underwriting process.


Using our knowledge of how carrier underwriters, medical directors, and actuaries make decisions, we proactively position your life insurance application in its most favorable light. 

We accomplish this through a proprietary informal underwriting process where we complete 90% of the underwriting BEFORE an application is submitted to an insurance company. This preliminary process enables us to pre-qualify underwriting offers from insurance companies while protecting your Personal Health Information from the Medical Information Bureau so that your insurability remains unchanged.

As a result, it can help to deliver the best possible underwriting offers to our clients. Once received, the top offers from various companies are analyzed by our team. We work to match the best underwriting results to the appropriate product and optimized solution. We then discuss all of this information with you so that you can make an informed decision.


Our strategic back-office partner, Valmark Financial Group, has developed a unique compliance-oriented marketing system called The Life Settlement Advocacy Program™ to guide us through a life settlement transaction and ultimately provide the highest level of value for a client’s life insurance policy.

Through our relationship with the Valmark Companies, we have access to the Policy Management Company which provides policy monitoring and management services for our clients' in-force life insurance policies.


This is accomplished through an effective combination of technology, a dedicated team of policy management experts, and a professional process developed from Valmark's 50+ years of experience with sophisticated life insurance policies.

Together, they form a durable bridge connecting your expectations of promised policy benefits with actual results. Our goal is to give you the assurance of ongoing policy performance while creating what we believe is a superior insurance experience.


Potential advantages to both policy holders and trustees include:

• Assurance of ongoing policy performance

• Access to all policy information in one centralized location

• Assurance that your insurance needs are always covered

• Assurance of ongoing service by a trusted third party


Enhancing your Insurance Experience by Bridging Expectations with Results

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