Work together…Succeed together

McNair & Company, Inc., founded in 1931, is a third-generation estate planning firm that has been providing objective advice, creative life insurance solutions and exemplary service for families and businesses.

McNair & Company, Inc. has worked with affluent families, entrepreneurs, and executives throughout the U.S. and has implemented more than $2 billion in trust-owned life insurance arrangements since 2000.

We have learned over the last 83 years that successful relationships result when partners master and perform their designated roles. Our role is to collaborate with mutual partners and guide you in your endeavor to preserve, create, and enhance/transfer your hard-earned assets to those you designate.

McNair & Company, Inc. has a long tradition of helping clients to evaluate and construct their life insurance portfolios in order to:

• Maximize specific goals
• Protect the value of current assets
• Transfer wealth to future generations and institutions they cherish


With client goals in sight, the specialization for which McNair & Company, Inc. is known by both clients and advisors is the evaluation, implementation, and servicing of sophisticated life insurance products in the wealth transfer and executive planning process.

In April, 2014 we launched a new service, envisage, to minister to our high net worth clientele.